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Taneytown Chamber Mission + Hisotry

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen, promote and lead the business and economic community, to support the free enterprise system while preserving and enhancing the quality of the business environment as a best-in-class organization, and to promote education among our members and member businesses. Our mission is to promote our member businesses and organizations, thus benefiting the entire community.

Our History of Milestones + Accomplishments

Since 1926 the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce has been involved in enhancing the community of Taneytown from a business and commerce point-of-view and in its citizen’s quality of life, demonstrated last year in the fruition of the Taneytown History Museum, Visitor Center and Chamber Office at 24 East Baltimore Street in downtown Taneytown.

The Chamber has also made annual contributions to the Heritage Committee’s Christmas Door-Decorating Contest, the City’s Concerts in the Park series and to Celebrate Taneytown. The Chamber has a many-year tradition of sponsoring a Chamber Christmas party for the children of Taneytown.

1926 – Organized in 1926. The Chamber’s motto was established as “Grow With Us”.

1933 – Secured funds to erect the facility on Broad Street for the Taneytown Manufacturing Co. (H. Borenstein & Son).

1936 – Assisted in raising funds to erect the plant for Cambridge Rubber Co. (floated bonds).

1958 – Rendered assistance to the Shower Lumber Co. (now Taney Corp.) through the issuance of local bonds.

1965 – Assisted Dr. McVaugh in bringing Dr. Wong to Taneytown. The Chamber provided free rent for a while to help Dr. Wong get started and physically moved his family with borrowed trucks from Washington, D.C., to Taneytown.

1970 to 1971 – The Chamber was very much involved in relocation to Taneytown of two major industries: Lion Brothers in 197- and Worthington Pump Co. (Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company) in 1971. Both industries have proven to be major accomplishments for our area.

1971 to 1972 – The Chamber dispensed much time and effort in bringing Dr. Iglesia, Dr. Marfori and Dr. Wong to the area. The Chamber was instrumental in the transitions between Dr. McVaugh, Dr. Iglesia and Dr. Wong.

1972 – Later the Chamber again worked with Dr. McVaugh to bring Dr. Thompson to town.

1975 – The Chamber contacted Dr. Linthicum about locating in Taneytown and establishing a practice upon his release from the U.S. Navy. The Chamber arranged, contracted and supervised the construction of Dr. Linthicum’s medical facility, now owned by the doctor.

1979 – Provided $3,500.00 to help upgrade/improve Allendale Lane in our industrial park which was an ongoing project to improve infrastructure and develop an industrial center to attract businesses.

1982 – The Chamber assisted in brining EVAPCO to Taneytown, now home to the international headquarters of this major employer.

1983 – The Chamber contributed $1,000.00 to our Fire Company for the purchase of a major piece of fire equipment. Provided a grant to the City in the amount of $10,000.00 for defraying the costs to bring water and sewage to the property once owned by the Chamber of Commerce and sold to EVAPCO for development of their business location.

1984 – The Chamber contributed $250.00 to our City Police Department to assist with the anti-drug program brochure “HELP”. The Chamber provided the City an interest free loan in the amount of $40,000.00 for a period of five years to continue with the project with brought water and sewage to EVAPCO.

1985 – The Chamber invested over $68,000.00 in the purchase of a parcel of land on Trevanion Road for future improvement.

1986 – The Chamber contributed $500.00 to assist in the relocation of electric poles at Allendale Lane.

1987 – The Chamber, in concert with the Mayor, met with the county Commissioners in support of the need for the new library.

1988 – The Chamber contributed $1,000.00 to the City to help upgrade the Christmas decorations. The Chamber, in concert with the Mayor, met with the County Commissioners to argue Taneytown’s need for a new Library. The Chamber donated $10,000.00 toward the building of our new Taneytown Branch Library.

1993 – The Chamber contributed another $2,000.00 to the City to upgrade the Christmas decorations.

1994 – Shared in an arrangement with Taneytown Bank & Trust Bank, the City and the Chamber for the sponsorship of a Small Business Development Center; to aide and assist the small business venture.

1994 – The Chamber built, erected and maintains the four Chamber Informational Bill Boards at each entrance to Taneytown. Currently each of the boards contains approximately 22 signs.

1995 – The Chamber agreed to a three way sharing arrangement with the Taneytown Bank & Trust Company, the City of Taneytown and the Chamber for the sponsorship of a Small Business Development Center to aide and assist small business ventures.

1997 – The Chamber of Commerce, the American Legion Post 120 and the Lions Club of Taneytown joined together in the purchase of flags, and the necessary hardware, to be displayed on the parking meters on the main streets and square during National Holidays throughout the year. The initial cost was approximately $2,000.00. The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Taneytown agreed to employ a coordinator for our economic development commission. It was agreed that the salary was to be equally underwritten by the two sponsoring organizations.

1998 – Initiation of a regular Taneytown Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

1999 to 2000 – The Taneytown Chamber of Commerce spearheaded an initiative to support a work by the internationally known sculptor Bart Walter for Taneytown and laid groundwork for the Taneytown Arts Council. The Chamber contributed organizational talent and financial support. This project was focused on introducing the Northwest Middle School students to Mr. Bart Walter’s process of creating a Bronze Sculpture, from the initial concept on paper through the finished product. This project helped united the students, giving them lessons in community responsibility. The Husky Project inspired pride and self-esteem in our youth and contributed to the quality of life within the community. An Art Foundation was created within the Chamber. An amount of $5,000.00 was raised in a joint effort in cooperation with the students of Northwest Middle School, and the Chamber and businesses within the community, and then donated toward the Husky Project. The Husky Project was completed and dedicated at Taneytown Northwest Middle School in November 2000.

2000 – The Taneytown Chamber of Commerce secured an address at P.O. Box 18, Taneytown and a telephone number (410) 756-4234.

2002 – The Chamber made a tentative offer to the Lowes Home Improvement warehouse project to provide a loan in the amount of $100,000.00 at 2% interest over 5 years, as an incentive to help the City of Taneytown bring this potential employer to Taneytown.

2002 to 2003 – The Chamber began to refocus on its business. Our Constitution & By-Laws and mission were rewritten and an Executive Director was hired.

2003 – The Chamber hired a part-time Executive Director to assist the Board of Directors in accomplishing the Chamber’s goals. The Chamber established a Museum Committee to begin studying the feasibility of the investigate locations for establishing a Taneytown History Museum and Visitor Center. The Chamber provided seed money to the Taneytown Heritage Committee to print Heritage Calendars. This project became a joint fundraising venture.

2004 – The Taneytown Chamber of Commerce Museum and Visitor Center Committee secured an agreement with the City of Taneytown to use the City’s building at 24 East Baltimore Street for the Taneytown History Museum and Visitor Center. The committee also established the Museum as a 501C2 Not-For-Profit organization under the Community Foundation of Carroll County. The Museum and Visitor Center Committee enlisted the help of the Mayor and recruited members from the Heritage Committee to work together on the museum project, to collect artifacts and to stage the displays. We hosted the Grand Opening of the Taneytown History Museum and Visitor Center on August 15th Museum and Visitor Center are staffed by community volunteers. The Chamber paid for and hung new 250th $5,000.00 seed money and support toward the Taneytown History Museum effort.

2005 – This was the year of increased partnerships. The Chamber, with the partnership of the City of Taneytown, brought a Circus to town. We began offering an open forum to the public to meet the candidates for local public office, supported the efforts of the Taneytown Pool Committee through mentoring and limited financial donations, and continued to support the Taneytown History Museum though volunteerism, loaning the Chamber’s Executive Director to schedule docents and work with the Museum Committee on projects and in various other means. The Chamber began to host classes locally to our members and to the general public through a partnership with Carroll Community College, and worked in partnership with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce to create an Electrical Co-op to benefit our members. We began to partner with Caring and Sharing to provide a Welcome Wagon package to new residents and businesses in the community.

2006 – Our partnerships grew to collaborate with Main Street and Carroll Vista to provide a Taneytown Business Expo. The Chamber purchased a popcorn machine which is available to other organizations or businesses and used the newly acquired machine to provide fresh popcorn for movie night, City Block Party and other events. Our other projects were the return of the Basket Bingo fundraiser, the Walker Bros. Circus, the successful completion of two bidding sessions with the Chamber Electric Co-op and Mardi Gras Dinner/ Dance. The Taneytown History Museum had a successful year with a major exhibit of Michael L. Smith, creation of the “Holiday of Trees” fundraising event and decorating contest and celebrated their Second Anniversary. The Chamber has continued to provide the Santa House with free pictures to the children, participated in parades, and helped with community events.

2007 – “Think Young” was established as the goal for 2007. As such, the Chamber supported the “Matchless Productions Project” which educated and stressed to the youth of our community that smoking was harmful to their health. Walker Bros. Circus, Santa House also supported our youth. Elections Forum was held to educate the community on their potential elected officials. The Taneytown History Museum opened the “Taneytown Civil War Legacy” exhibit to much acclaim. The Chamber and museum participated in the Pumpkin Festival, Spring Fest, Taneytown Christmas Tree lighting, Parades and other civic events. Santa House added a Santa Mail Box which was supported by New Windsor State Bank. Holiday of Trees expanded their event by adding miniature trees and increasing the amount of trees throughout the museum. 2007 was the year of community involvement.

2008 – During this year the Chamber held two successful fundraising events: Basket Bingo was a sell out and a Holiday Fruit Sale. Proceeds enabled us to move forward in improving our website and its unveiling occurred in August/September ’08. Our by-laws were updated to reflect the new holidays of Martin Luther King and Presidents Day which was long overdue. We began our Electric Co-op renewal. Our newsletters became bi-monthly and other cost cutting measures were introduced. We continued our support of the Taneytown History Museum which held their 3 and Fall Fest, flags on Labor Day and other events.

2008 – The Chamber focused on helping our businesses and community by working in partnership with the City and non profits to try and keep our downtown together while the Streetscape Project was taking place. The Chamber partnered with the City of Taneytown for a monthly article to come out in the Carroll Times encouraging people to come in and shop in Taneytown during its Streetscape Project.

2009 – The Chamber purchased decorative American Flag banners to hang from the new light posts installed during Streetscape. It had been over 80 years since any maintenance was done on the sewers and streets in Taneytown. This was a project that was long overdue, difficult during renovations but rewarding in the end. The Barnyard Bingo and Fall Fest were planned, Swing into Spring Fest, and Movies in the Park all took place during Streetscape. The Residential Energy Co-op continues to grow.

2010 – With the country in a recession the Chamber’s Electric Co-op became more affordable and available to both our business and residential communities. Sign up was made less complex and easier via the Chamber website. The Chamber continues to be active in the community. Barnyard Bingo, Harvest Fest, Santa House, Fruit Sale and Basket Bingo fundraisers have become a tradition. The Chamber has begun to investigate with the Taneytown History Museum the feasibility of purchasing a building for use by the museum with a space for the Chamber.

2012 – Taneytown Chamber joined the Carroll County Chamber as a benefit for their members, giving their Chamber members access to all the seminars at the low membership price. The Chamber donated funds to make it affordable for the small businesses of Taneytown to be featured in the Carroll Magazine in a special addition about Main Streets in Maryland.