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Taneytown Chamber FAQ's

The following are a number of frequently asked questions that we hear from time-to-time. If you have a question, please feel free to contact the Chamber Office at (410) 756-4234 or email our the Chamber at or our webmaster InfoPathways at We’ll do our best to get back to you and post the most common questions and answers here.

Electric Co-op

Electric Co-op

How much will I save? The amount your organization will save is dependent on the amount of electric you use, so the amount saved will vary from organization to organization. Each business’s electrical usage varies. You must weigh the costs against your potential gains. For example: If your current yearly usage is $1,000 and the Coop is able to obtain rates equal to your current bill instead of an increase of 25% or $250 for every 3 years (provided they are able to get a three year contract) then your savings might be $250 x 3 or $750 over the 3 year contract. Less the costs of joining the Coop $250 plus membership of the Chamber for three years roughly $140 or less minimum (It depends on type of membership). Your savings might be $360 or more over 3 years. If your power usage is much higher, your savings will be larger as well. The decision to join the Coop is yours and should be made after considering your energy usage and potential saving. Must I have Allegheny Power as my current supplier to participate? No. BG&E customers may also take advantage of the Electric Coop. What happens to my $250 if I do not sign a contract with a supplier when one is available to me? You will not receive your $250.00 back. It is not refundable nor is the membership dues to the chamber refundable. The $250.00 offsets the costs involved to create the Coop and negotiating pricing. What if I was part of the 2005 Allegheny Power Coop and never went to contract? You will be automatically included in the bidding process for 2006. No additional fees are required. You will need to fulfill the bidding process and contract signing. Contact the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce (410) 848-9050 for more information. They will be your point of contact. What is the History of past costs? In the past, before price freezes were imposed, electrical rates typically rose on the average of 6-8% per year. Allegheny Power has been frozen since 2000. Using that as a guide, rates may rise 36-48% or more. Default rates will be released March 15, 2006. Where can I get an application? You may download it from the website’s Electric Co-op page. Payment in full must accompany the application. See for more information.

General Questions


What is the cost of a Business/Corporate membership?

Business/Corporate (3 Membership votes, any number of representatives) $135.00 a year. Each business membership shall be entitled to a maximum of 3 votes. Any number of representatives from each business membership may attend regular meetings. A Business Membership may be selected for any business, including, but not limited to, a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership. Any business may subscribe for an Individual Membership; any business subscribing for an Individual Membership shall be eligible for a single vote (410) 756-4234


What is your mission?

Our mission is to strengthen, promote and lead the business and economic community, to support the free enterprise system, while preserving and enhancing the quality of the business environment as a best-in-class organization, and to promote education among our members and member businesses. Our mission is to promote our member businesses and organizations, thus benefiting the entire community.

Membership Questions


What is the cost for a Senior Citizen?

Senior – (65 years+) $30.00 a year for new and exsisting members. Senior Memberships shall be available to those who are age 65 and older.

What is the cost of membership for an individual?

Individual – $65 a year. All persons who are in accord with the objectives of the Chamber shall be eligible for membership. Any person, association, corporation, partnership or estate may subscribe for one or more memberships in the Chamber by paying the annual dues. In the case of a subscription for more than one membership, each such membership when assigned to an individual shall entitle the holder to the full privilege of membership. When more than one membership is subscribed for, assignment of memberships shall be provided to the Secretary. (410) 756-4234


How do I apply? You may obtain an application by calling 410-756-4234 or by contacting any membership committee member. An application is also available for download at our web site. (410) 756-4234 See for more information. Where can I find the application form to become a members? Look on our documents page. See for more information.


How active of a member must I be?

It is your choice. The more active you are within the organization the more we are able to complete our mission. We encourage you to attend as many meetings as you can. Your involvement in Chamber activities will help improve the quality and effectiveness of the Chamber and your membership.


Must I live within the limits of Taneytown to apply?

No. As long as you have a willingness to support our community and the mission of the Chamber you may apply. (410) 756-4234

Must I own a business to apply as a member of the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce?

No. Any person who is willing to support our mission is welcome to apply. (410) 756-4234