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Taneytown Chamber of Commerce Committees

The Taneytown Chamber of Commerce has a number of committees, each consisting of a number of chamber members. The makeup of each committee may change on an annual basis. And any chamber member may be a member of several committees. Here is a list of the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce Committees:

Membership / Welcome New Business Committee

The purpose of the Membership / Welcome New Business Committee is to identify, secure, welcome, and retain members that will increase the strength of the chamber. This committee serves as ambassadors for our organization.


Nominating Committee

Per the Constitution and Bylaws – A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President, whose duty it shall be to present at the annual September meeting a list of nominations of Officers and Directors. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting. Election shall be by ballet at the annual October meeting. If there is no contest for an office, the secretary may cast a ballot for the office or offices if approved by majority of the members present.

In summary, the Nominating Committee identifies dedicated members that are qualified to serve in leadership positions for the chamber.


Budget & Audit Committee

The Budget & Audit Committee is responsible for annually performing an audit of the chamber’s finances and preparing the chamber’s annual budget. (The Budget & Audit Committee should create a Form or Proposal Kit required for all requests for funds (over $500?) and backing by the chamber. It’s been apparent that satisfying the executive board and/or some groups of members has been difficult. If it is clear to all members what information is required to present a proposal, everyone’s effort could be streamlined to some degree.)


Ways + Means and Events Committee

The Ways + Means Committee provides the financial means and guidance to fund chamber projects and events. The Events Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and organizing the social and civic events for our chamber, including the Annual Budget.


Constitution & By-Laws Committee

The purpose of the Constitution & By-Laws Committee is to periodically review the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce Constitution & By-Laws to identify the need for modification and improvement. All changes to the Constitution & By-Laws should be for the purpose of enhancing the ability of the chamber to achieve its mission.