Restoration Cottage, LLC

Restoration Cottage LLC offers acupuncture, wellness coaching and tapping/ emotional freedom techniques. Everyday and ongoing stress is addressed by connecting the body, belief and faith. Specializing in relief from cancer treatment, coping with illness and surgery recovery.

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Connect Rehab Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRP) Mental Health.
We provide counseling and support for adults and minors with the following disorders:
Inability to maintain independent employment
Social behavior that results in intervention by the mental system
Inability due to cognitive disorganization to procure financial assistance to support living in the community.
Severe inability to establish or maintain a personal support system
Need for help with daily living skills.

Piedmont Financial Consulting

Piedmont Financial Consulting is an advice-only registered investment adviser with the State of Maryland. We provide our clients with comprehensive financial plans, which feature guidance on cash flow management (budgeting), risk management (insurance), investment management as well as implementing tax-efficiency strategies.

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Brian Safe Haven

Food Pantry open to the public Tuesday and Thursday 10-2pm. Provide Advocacy to people in need of completing forms